Beacon for Your Asset Tracking Solutions
Your Asset Tracking Solutions

How Bluetooth Tracking Works Bluetooth asset tracking beacons broadcast regular BLE packet and these Bluetooth signals are read by smart device(s) such as gateway, Raspberry pi or other BLE enabled device within the Bluetooth range. Our BLUETOOTH BEACON and BEACON GATEWAY support ranging up to 300 meters.

Bluetooth Low Energy Asset Tracking Beacon send out a periodic signal, typically once per second interval (configured from 100ms to 10,000ms), that is read/scanned by a BLE reader or Bluetooth Gateway automatically when in range. The reader/gateway records the item’s identifier, location and associated data which is then transmitted via HTTPS/MQTT to software to interpret or the cloud where it is stored.

Place a Bluetooth beacon on any object that you need to track, and locate it inside of a software/platform in real time.  

The amount of working equipments which need to be traced in logistics centers, warehouse, construction site, and hospitals is constantly growing, making an organizational software/system indispensable. Staff in need of these working tools often face difficulties finding or identifying certain equipment in short time. 
Make use of Asset Tracking Beacon and integrate to your software/platform allows for fast tracking and tracing of every item that has a beacon installed.

In particular, asset tracking is based on the distance (RSSI) between individual beacons and the reader/gateway. You can use three or more reader/gateway to perform a triangulation and thus get the exact position between these beacons.

Benefits of Bluetooth Asset Tracking and RTLS Solutions

Wide Usage
〉Small asset in warehouse, factory, etc
〉Middle-sized asset in construction site
〉Valuable asset or equipment in hospital

More Efficient Process
〉Easily identify the asset
〉Locate and find the asset in real-time
〉Monitor and track the patch of moving

Open SDK or API
〉Detailed & comprehensible
〉Demo code available
〉Easy to integrate
〉Perfect to build your own application/platform