B1 Bluetooth Panic Button

The B1 Bluetooth Panic Button is a sensor that enables the user to send SOS advertisement alert to the gateway by simply pressing the SOS button. With an accelerometer sensor integrated, the cloud can detect a falling accident through the 3-axis data and trigger the alarm. B1 wearable panic button is IP65 waterproof, it can be widely used in hotels, hospitals or schools for treatment compliance or emergency call.

• Chipset Nordic nRF52832
• Up to 140m advertising range
• Universal Type-C interface
• Rechargeable battery with 240mAh
• Multiple trigger types with different alarm task
• Wide temperature range between -20℃to 60℃



B1 Panic button will trigger an abnormal panic alarm mechanism when it stands still for more than a specified period. Users can set broadcast parameters according to actual use scenarios. Meanwhile, there are multiple reminder mechanism for options, such as a vibrating buzzer, motor, and LED reminders.
When the operator has a long rest during work or the old man who lives alone remains motionless for a long time, the alarm will be triggered.

BUTTON TRIGGER ALARM of B1 panic button


Panic Button is a Bluetooth device ideal for the hotel, medical or nursing industries. The button is worn on the body, and the elderly or employees who work alone can press the button to trigger the alarm and ask for help in case of danger or need. When those who are wearing B1 keep static, the accelerometer sensor will report the accelerometer raw data to the gateway and then the alarm will be triggered if fall data is detected.


B1 panic button is attached to the medicine box or the wearer, the user can report the medication time by clicking the trigger mechanisms after medication. The back-end will then record the daily medication and analyze whether the patient is following the medical treatment. If the user fails to report medication within the specified time, the system will trigger an alarm to remind the user of taking medication.

With detachable 500 mAh Rechargeable Lithium battery,the battery life span can be up to 90 days if the daily operation of buzzer and motor are calculated.

Tx Power 0dBm4dBm-12dBm 

ADV Interval 100ms500ms1000ms 2000ms 


Battery Life* 1 active slot with 3-axis accelerometer sensor

Dimension of B1 panic button


Mechanical button,Reset button



Operating temperature

General -20°C / + 60°C


0% ~ 95% (non-condensing)

General Features

Main Chip

Nordic nRF52 series


Bluetooth 4.2 (hardware compatible with Bluetooth 5.0)


Rechargeable Lithium battery 240mAh


Up to 140 meters (Open area without obstacles)


73.1mm x 40.6mm x 16.9mm






Lanyard, double sided sticker

Antenna Type

PCB onboard


Red, Green, Blue


Accelerometer sensor,motor and buzzer(85dB)

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