Biometric Fingerprint Card

High Secured Fingerprint Smart Card for Biometric Solution and Stand-alone Authentication

Product details

Ultra thin Fingerprint Smart Card —–Creates convenience & efficiency biometrically

Product Description

Model NameUSC Fingerprint Smart Card
Dimension85.5*54*0.85mm (L*W*H)
Communication ProtocalODM to add Bluetooth or E-ink display
ApplicationBiometric identification scenarios for access, payment, etc
Physical ResistanceIP67, waterproof, dust-proof
Our AdvantagesWe focus on ultra slim smart card (thickness is 0.85-1.8mm). We have patent technology “cold pressing progress” for lamination of the smart card. Pls see below for more detailed info for this patented technology

USC Fingerprint Smart Card is carrying a  performance for fingerprint recognition in smart cards to provide convenient and secured identity authentication. The solution offers industry leading biometric performance and is optimized for matching fingerprints in constrained computing environments such as Secure Elements.

Smart Card integrated with fingerprint sensor

It is easy and convenient.

With M1 card, perfect for secured access control 

a new level of security and convenience to your credit and debit cards

Fingerprint identification card (referred to as the “fingerprint card”), is a single and multi person registered by the first management, the use of storage cards in living organisms to identify fingerprint information, immediately corroborate the cardholder’s identity, can be combined with a bank card deposit, credit card, NFC, mobile payment, the application of device access to Carmen no management, identification certification for various purposes, to avoid the loss of the card, caused by the theft of financial losses.

Our Advantages

Cooperating terms:

1. You provide us design ideas, and all other processes are completed by our company.

2. You provide us the main components, BOM list and schematics. We will provide PCB proofing and other components and then laminate them by our patented technology “Cold Pressing Progress”

3. You provide us a complete set of circuit boards and components, and we will laminate them by our patented technology “Cold Pressing Progress”


– Fingerprint verification, no PIN needed
– Fingerprint information match-on-card, user’s biometric data will never leave the card
– Fingerprint enrollment could be done all by end users. zero-modification for banks and merchants
– F1000_B: Fingerprint data stored inside MCU
   F2000_A: Fingerprint data stored inside SE
– F1000_B: Fingerprint storage & matching is conducted inside MCU
   F2000_A: Fingerprint storage & matching is conducted inside SE
– Dual-interface ID1 card
– Support FIDO2 & U2F applet
– No battery inside
– F1000_B: IDEX Fingerprint sensor
   F2000_A: FPC Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint payment is made simple.

With a fingerprint sensor right on the card body, paying with an EMV card just got easier than ever before:

  • ​With a simple touch, no need to enter a PIN code on the Point-of-Sales  (POS) Terminal to perform a payment transaction, both in contact mode and in contactless mode
  • No more limit on contactless payment transactions! The users are securely authenticated with their fingerprint and can enjoy the convenience of contactless for any amount.
  • n​o upgrade is required on the POS, as the biometrics check is directly performed on the EMV biometric card and nowhere else​

Biometric card: enrollment is key

A simple yet rigorous enrollment process is vital to protect the cardholder’s biometric data.

The enrollment procedure can be performed at home or the branch. 

  • When performed at home, the cardholder’s fingerprint reference data is securely installed in the card using a self-enrollment sleeve shipped with the card (see picture below). The cardholder completes their enrollment in seconds by simply inserting the new biometric payment card in the sleeve and following a straightforward walkthrough procedure. Activation is then completed at the first transaction at the POS. 
  • Alternatively, the cardholder may go to the bank branch and get the assistance of a teller using a secure enrollment tablet or 24/7 kiosk.

The biometric data never leaves the card.

The fingerprint reference data captured by the biometric sensor is securely stored in the card’s secure chip. 

It is not kept on the Bank’s servers nor sent over the air to a personalization bureau.

The rigorous and privacy-friendly enrollment process described above is critical for the success of fingerprint payments.

It is very similar to popular self-enrollment processes available on leading smartphone brands.

Communication about this aspect is certainly key for customers.

biometric credit card

 The biometric data never leave the card.


The biometric payment card experience

The fingerprint biometric sensor is large enough and well-positioned enough on the card body to enable a perfect seamless user experience.

It sounds simple, and it is.

The cardholder will perform biometrics verification with their enrolled finger by holding the card pretty much as always before.

A card insertion (contact mode) or tap (contactless mode) on the POS will be sufficient to complete the transaction. 

PIN code can be used as a fallback solution whenever the cardholder’s fingerprint can’t be used – like ATM cash withdrawals, for example.

The new fingerprint sensor is compatible with all other EMV card options, such as contactless.

In the future, Dynamic Code Verification with an e-Ink display on the card body.  

Biometrics is also compatible with the ISO dimensions of the card.

The result? 

The biometric payment card with a PIN code can also be used at the ATM.

There’s more.