Latest Low Power LTE Beacon L3

L3 LTE beacon uses the latest low power LTE technology and advanced processing and cellular IoT designs. KKM L3 LTE beacon support both Narrow-Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and enhanced Machine Type Communication (eMTC/LTE-M).

L3 LTE beacon can communicate directly to the cloud without any intermediary device. The LTE beacon combines IoT technology (NB-IoT, eMTC/LTE-M), BLE and realtime GPS together, make the LTE beacon work merrily indoor and outdoor, widely used in logistics, cold chain, healthcare, nursing care and etc.


GPS Real-Time Tracking


Low Power IoT

IP67 Waterproof

Works as Gateway/Beacon


  • Support NB-IoT & eMTC(LTE-M)
  • IP67 waterproof
  • GPS real-time tracking
  • Works as gateway or BLE beacon
  • HTTPS or AES UDP data security
  • High capacity battery 8500mAh
  • Support variety of extended sensors

The L3 LTE beacons can be used for asset tracking, cargos tracking, cold chain monitoring and more. With the built-in Bluetooth technology, the L3 LTE beacon can locate assets when they move between indoor and outdoor environments giving administrators and managers the ability to provide an actual “proof of location” and “proof of delivery.” 

The LTE beacon will broadcast BLE advertisement as other Bluetooth beacon. When the LTE beacon is indoor, it can use as normal BLE beacon. When the L3 LTE beacon is outdoor, it communicates with cloud directly and upload the data and GNSS/GPS info.



Size90×50x42mmBLE versionBLE4.0/BLE5.0
MaterialIndustrial plasticBLE Range100 meters in open area
ColorBlackUpload ProtocolHTTP/HTTPS/AES UDP
Weight214g (with battery)OTAYes
BatteryER26500 battery 8500mAhButtonInternal button
Battery Life5 years (Based on uploading data to cloud every hour)SensorAccelerometer
Various sensors optional
WaterproofIP67Working temperature-40℃  ~ 70℃ 
LTE NetworkeMTC(LTE-M, CAT-M2)
AccessoryAdhesive sticker or screws