Battery Free Powerless NFC LOCK Padlock

Product Details and Product Feature

  • Especially suitable for special protection equipment such as bank ticket cabinet, container locking, luggage protection
  • Passive NFC padlock for railway, power, operators, security, logistics, home, electric vehicles, smart wear and other industries customers
  • NFC locks not only protects the safety of power equipment, prevents electricity theft, but also effectively prevents the illegal operation of power personnel and serves the users faster, thus providing a scientific basis for power decision-making.

  • The high-security steel inner core is completely encapsulated in a tough material
  • Using passive NFC locks will provide low cost and high level security service.
  • Provide a high level of security and tamper-evidence.
  • High security bolt seal locks for intermodal
  • Mobile phone or background control switch lock and authorization
  • Product Description – D4 Passive Battery Free Powerless NFC LOCK Padlock
  • IP65 Waterproof D4 Passive Battery Free PowerLess NFC PADLOCK
  • Product Material: Lock body: ABS+PC / Lock beam: 304 stainless steel
  • Product Appearance Size: Lock body: 45*40*18mm /Lock beam: D=4mm
  • Product Net Weight: 40g
  • Operation Temperature: -30~+70℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40~+85℃
  • Related Humidity: 0%-95%
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • DemoApp Buildin Default Key: FFFFFFFF
  • Each Lock will take the last 8digits of QR-Code as Factory Key Setting
  • Cloud Platform Management site: 
  • Cloud Platform Management default account & password: user  123456
  • Check App login account & password:  user  123456

Power SupplyNFC Wireless Power Supply
CharactersNo Battery, No Maintenance, High Reliable, ECO Energy
Open LockTab NFC phone unlock
Unlock delays2-5seconds(depending on phone models)
Supported PhoneAndroid Cellphone with NFC Function
IOS/Iphone8 or above with IOS operation system 13.0 or above
Security authenticationAES128 Security Protection
Operation Distance<1cm