How MK107 Gateway Series works

Gateway Series Highlights

Multiple Platform Available

Multiple Platform Available

Support EMQTT, Mosquitto and other MQTT servers, and also can work with AWS and Aliyun IoT

Easy Configuration

Come with a tool APP named “Taguard BXP Scanner”, you can download it in Google Play or APP Store. By using this app, you can configure the parameters and test gateway samples without difficulty.

If you don’t have your own platform we can help you with Setup and can manage your servers and traffic with our dedicated resources and server plans

Safety Design​

Safety Design of Gateway Series

• High-end quality ensures electrical safety
• PC+ABS Flame-Retardant Material
• Childproof Design
• UL/FCC/CE/UKCA certified

Data Decoding

• Supports iBeacon, Eddystone(UID, URL, TLM) raw data decoding
• Supports all types of MOKO beacon raw data decoding, you can obtain the desirable information effortlessly

Data Decoding​
Simple Installation​

Simple Installation

TAGUARD-107 gateway series is designed with a plug that makes it easy to be installed, you can install it in your house, office, warehouse, and wherever there is a power socket.

Applications of Gateway Series

Indoor Positioning of MK107 Gateway Series
Indoor Positioning
Industrial Equipment Monitoring of MK107 Gateway Series
Industrial Equipment Monitoring
Asset Management of MK107 Gateway Series
Asset Management