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TAG01 Outdoor Bluetooth Gateway


Outdoor Bluetooth Gateway is a Bluetooth 5.0 low energy (BLE) to 3G/4G cellular/Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity beacon gateway without using smartphones or apps. The beacon gateway collects the data from iBeacon, Eddystone, BLE sensor or other BLE devices, and upload data to the local or remote cloud server by MQTT/HTTPS protocol over 3G/4G, ethernet, Wi-Fi or WiFI hopping

Outdoor BLE Gateway comes with smart design, designed to work outdoor.

Outdoor IoT Bluetooth Gateway supports Bluetooth 5.0 LE Coded PHY long range.

Beacon Gateway provides offline storage, it prevent data packet lost due to the network disconnection.

IoT BLE gateway also provide convenient operation & maintanence tools. The user is easy to configure the Bluetooth gateway | Beacon Gateway via a web/phone UI,  and it support remote configuration.

Data offline storage
Data saved offline and upload after network connection restore 



Real-time inventory management

Goods check-in/out automative

In warehouse navigation for staff


Space Optimization

Control Access

Employee Safety, Social Distancing

Contact Tracing, Quarantine Monitoring


Geo Smart Factory

Factory Optimization

Real-time production management

Maximize work efficiency


Employee safety, Anti-collision forklift

Emergency button & alarm

Real time Access control

Hazardous area access


 Employee and patient safety

Tracking medical equipment and assets

Optimized hospital workflow


Outdoor Bluetooth Gateway, Beacon Gatway with LTE & GPS support


The Outdoor BLE gateway is mainly use to gather the information from Bluetooth beacons around it, then uploading the information to the server through HTTPS/MQTT TLS protocols.

Features of the BLE Gateway

  • Water proof-IP54/Sun proof
  • BLE5.0 Long distance Feature
  • BLE distance: BLE5.0 Coded PHY mode up to 300 meters in open space
  • Open protocol: Local server or HTTPS/MQTT to cloud
  • WiFI WPA2, 802.1x Enterprise
  • Bi-directional: reads advertisement data and sends command(update beacon parameters from cloud)
  • Configuration: Web portal and phone protal
  • Transmit: ETH/Wifi/Wifi-hopping or usb extend(3G/4G module)
  • Power: 5V DC or ETH PoE(802.3af)
  • Base on latest OpenWrt 18.29
  • BLE chip: nRF528xx serie
  • With 3dBi flexible FPC antenna
  • Up to 150 Mbps PHY data rate
  • Built-in RTC and NTP support
  • 1T1R 2.4GHz frequency band
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Supports 802.3af PoE standard
  • Supports firmware upgrade Over-the-Air
  • Supports remote configuration
  • POE status LED indicator
  • Data usage monitoring

Product Specification

PowerPOE or DC 5V
Scanning Ability>240 beacons per second
Wireless DistanceBLE 4.0/4.1/4.2: 150 meters   |   BLE 5.0: up to 900 meters in open space(depends on environment)
Transimitting WayCellular (3G/4G dongle), ethernet, WiFi, WiFi hoppen
Transmitting ProtocolHTTPS, MQTT
Instalation WayScrew
Waterproof/DustproofIP54 (outdoor use design)

Product Details

KKM KG01 Bluetooth LTE WiFi beacon gateway scanner
KKM Bluetooth LTE WiFi beacon gateway

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