Goods Tracker

Integrated CAT.1/CAT.M1/NBIOT, GNSS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth,our goods tracker is available for different regions and networks around the world. The device is ultra-thin and compact to adhere to or place inside the package to monitor the location information, temperature and humidity, and other status of items in real time, and realize automatic alarm for abnormal location and status. It can also be used for group asset management to realize visual asset transportation scheduling and analysis management.

Key Features of Goods Tracker


Integrate GNSS, Wi-Fi, LBS Multi-positioning technology, quickly and accurately locate the position.


At least 1 year battery life under 1 report per day condition, environment friendly and recyclable.


Integrate multiple sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, light and vibration.


Worldwide LTE CAT.1/CAT.M/, NB-IoT and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage.


Easy to install, can be adhered to or placed inside the package


Support remote OTA firmware upgrade.

Goods Tracker Functions

Location Monitoring

Asset Location Monitoring

Tracking the location of assets by GNSS and reporting the information in real time, and the base station or WIFI will be activated to obtain the asset location if GNSS positioning fails.

Light Sensing Monitoring

The asset tracker can obtain ambient light information and report it to your server, it will trigger an alarm when abnormal light is detected.

Products Condition Monitoring

Motion and Vibration Information

Monitoring motion and vibration information of assets and reporting it, allows the terminal to judge the status of the assets, when the tracker detects violent vibration of assets, it will trigger an alarm.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

This tracker collects temperature and humidity and reports the information to the platform, when the terminal detects that the temperature and humidity exceed the preset threshold, an alarm is triggered.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

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