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Using Internet of Things
“Revolutionary system autonomously retrieves and uploads historical data from cold boxes to the cloud, eliminating manual efforts. Real-time monitoring, secure data storage, and actionable insights drive efficiency and innovation in supply chain management.” .
It uses (TAOFFON) Technology .


In a world where precision and efficiency are paramount, the food industry is taking a giant leap forward with our innovative solution – ‘Hot or Not’. This revolutionary system is set to redefine food delivery and freshness tracking, catering to both corporate giants and budding Fresh-to-Home startups.

Unveiling Individual Packet Monitoring for Seamless Delivery

Picture a scenario where you eagerly await your food delivery, only to find it arrived cold when it was supposed to be piping hot. Enter ‘Hot or Not’, an advanced AI-powered system that eliminates this disappointment. By meticulously tracking the temperature of each food packet in real-time, it ensures that you’re informed about the state of your food even before it reaches your doorstep. And it’s not just about personal satisfaction – corporate companies can harness the power of this system to send instant alerts or notify their command centers, ensuring swift action in such cases.

Integration Made Easy with Our Application SDK and APIs

Implementing ‘Hot or Not’ into your existing systems is a breeze. Our user-friendly Application SDK can be seamlessly integrated, bringing the power of precise temperature monitoring to your operations. We provide a range of APIs and endpoints, making the integration process smooth and hassle-free. Whether you’re a large corporation or a nimble startup, we’ve got the tools you need to enhance your food delivery experience.

Freshness Tracking: The Key to Extended Product Lifespan

Ever wished your products could stay fresh longer? With ‘Hot or Not’, it’s not just a wish – it’s a reality. Our system’s ability to ensure optimal temperatures means your products maintain their freshness for extended periods. This feature is a game-changer, especially for Fresh-to-Home delivery startups looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

At the heart of ‘Hot or Not’ lies a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and food safety. Whether you’re a corporate giant striving for impeccable deliveries or a startup focused on delivering the freshest produce, our technology is here to transform your operations. Join us in revolutionizing the way food is delivered and enjoyed – one packet at a time.

Experience the Future of Food Delivery with ‘Hot or Not’ today!

Health Monitor

Patient Care System allows you to monitor your loved one’s overall health

  1. Fever Detection
  2. Fall Detection
  3. SOS Button
  4. Community Care Assistance
  5. Movement Detection
  6. Track & Trace
Rechargeable with a better life of 6 months, Best suited for patients

Temperature Monitoring

“Empowering Tomorrow’s Supply Chain Today “- Seamlessly Connect, Analyze, and Elevate Your Cold Chain Operations with Zero Human Effort.

8 Years Battery Life
Tracks Temperature & Humidity

Tracking Box Temperature

Reduce your customer complain of cold food delivery using our

Smart Temperature Tracking Solution from Taguard
Contact Customer Care for SDK & API Integration

  1. “AI-Powered Precision: Redefining Delivery Assurance for Corporates and Start-Ups Alike!”
  2. “Freshness Extended: Transforming Temperature Control into Long-Lasting Food Quality.”

TAG-5PT BOX Tracker
Use Case
1. Your food is hot or not can track individual food packet and can
let you know before it is getting delivered. Corporate Companies can use our AI. System to send instant alerts or notify Command Center of such cases .

Our Application SDK needs to be integrated in Existing Systems
We Provide API & Endpoints
2. Freshness Tracking , if the temperature is suitable then the product can last longer , stay fresh longer .
Can be used by Fresh to Home Delivery StartUp’s

Tracking Containers Temperature

Reduce your customer complain of AIR / SEA / LAND Container

Suitable Industry
1. Pharma


3.Fresh Foods temperature checks after harvest
4.Delivery of Materials in Temperature Boxes to your customers

5.Individual Box Temperatures can be monitored (1000+ box simultaneous )

Smart Temperature Tracking Solution from Taguard

TAG-5PT BOX Tracker , Can track upto 200 different locations inside the Container


Build your own GPS Tracking System

Supported Networks

Vehicle GPS Tracker

Build your own GPS Tracking System
Host on your own server

Saving GPS data on your own server for national security reasons can have several motivations and benefits:

  1. Data Sovereignty: When GPS data is saved on your own servers within your country’s jurisdiction, you have control over the data and can ensure it’s not subject to foreign jurisdiction or potential data privacy breaches by external entities.
  2. Reduced Reliance on External Services: Relying solely on external services for GPS data might expose your nation to vulnerabilities, such as service outages, manipulation of data, or even denial of service attacks. Storing the data locally can provide a backup in case of such events.
  3. Redundancy and Resilience: Storing GPS data on your own servers can enhance redundancy and resilience in the event of technical failures or cyberattacks that might disrupt the external GPS service. Having multiple data sources improves overall reliability.
  4. Data Integrity and Verification: When you store GPS data locally, you can have more control over its integrity and authenticity. This is important for critical applications such as navigation, defense, and infrastructure management, where accurate and trustworthy data is essential.
  5. National Defense and Security: Storing GPS data on local servers can be crucial for national defense and security purposes. It ensures that you have access to reliable GPS data even in times of conflict or during cyber incidents aimed at disrupting external data sources.
  6. Protection against Spoofing and Jamming: GPS signals are vulnerable to spoofing (false signals) and jamming (interference). By having your own servers, you can implement stronger security measures to detect and mitigate such attacks.
  7. Strategic Autonomy: Storing GPS data locally aligns with the concept of strategic autonomy, where a nation seeks to have greater control over its critical infrastructure and technology, reducing dependency on external actors.
  8. Research and Analysis: Storing GPS data locally enables your country to perform its own research, analysis, and innovations related to navigation, geospatial technology, and related fields.




Cold Chain Monitoring

GPS Monitoring

Smart IOT Automation


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Founded in 2018, specialized in Bluetooth IoT products. We provide End to End solutions from hardware, software to production (mechanism design, mold making). We provide our customers turnkey solutions.

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